Judgment method for damage inspection of outer spherical bearing

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Regarding the damage state of the outer spherical bearing, such as: the jam of the ring rib of the roller bearing, as the cause can be considered, insufficient lubricant, unsuitability, defects in the oil supply and drainage structure, foreign matter intrusion, bearing installation error, shaft If the deflection is too large, these reasons may overlap.

When judging whether the outer spherical bearing can be used again, it should be decided according to related factors such as the degree of damage of the bearing, mechanical performance, importance, operating conditions, and inspection period. However, if the following defects are found during the inspection, the bearing cannot continue to be used and needs to be replaced with a new bearing.

(a) There is a crack or chip in any one of the inner ring, outer ring, rolling element, and cage.

(b) Any one of the ring or rolling element is broken.

(c) There are obvious scratches on the rolling surface, ribs and rolling elements.

(d) The cage is obviously worn, or the rivets are obviously loose.

(e) There are rust or scars on the raceway surface and rolling elements.

(f) There are serious indentations or bruises on the raceway surface and rolling elements.

(g) There is obvious creep on the inner diameter surface of the inner ring or the outer diameter surface of the outer ring.

(h) Discoloration due to overheating.

(i) Bearings filled with grease, seals or dust caps are severely damaged.

In addition, there are several different definitions of bearing "life", one of which is the so-called "working life", which means that the actual life that a certain bearing can reach before damage is caused by wear and tear, and damage is usually not caused by fatigue, but Caused by wear, corrosion, seal damage, etc.